Executive Summary: Research Industry Trends Report by GreenBook


GreenBook’s latest Research Industry Report is based on over 2000 interviews with market research specialists across the world. Taking a closer look, Silverman Research presents the report’s key insights.

Technology Use in 2016
Use of Mobile Surveys and Online Communities is reported to be mainstream, with these technologies being used by 74% and 61% of companies respectively. Areas which are considered more ‘niche’ include Wearables-based Research, Virtual Environments and Neuromarketing, while those classified as ‘widely adopted’ include Big Data Analytics, Mobile Qualitative and Text Analytics.

50 Most Innovative Clients
P&G retain the title of The Most Innovative Client, with Unilever, Google, Coca-Cola and Apple making the Top 5. Meanwhile, Amazon which ranks at #7 has risen an impressive 24 places in the rankings since the last report.

Automated Reporting and Analytics
GreenBook report that automated outputs are becoming increasingly dominant throughout the industry. The average use of automated outputs is greater than manual outputs across the categories of Chart Creation, Text Analysis, Survey Analysis and Social Media Analysis for both buyers and suppliers. They also discovered that the average use of automation across these categories was 5% higher amongst suppliers than buyers.

You can read the full report here.

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