People Management Cover Feature: Why Smart Companies Listen to Their Staff

11ebc025-91f1-4d8a-8f98-112637408480Silverman Research’s Managing Director, Michael Silverman was recently interviewed for the cover feature of CIPD People Management Magazine’s September edition.

Investigating the ways in which employees are voicing their opinions today,  the article explores the status of traditional Trade Unions which find themselves increasingly challenged by today’s landscape of atypical contracts, a changing labour market and a new culture of how employees express their opinions.

In the article, Michael talks about how “technology has pushed the evolution of employee voice”, explaining that the recent changes in how we voice our concerns as employees has been largely influenced by our experience of providing feedback as consumers. As such, today’s current climate has seen a rise in the presence of social media channels and employee work councils as alternatives to union representation.

The article goes on to explore the different arguments supporting these alternative methods of employee listening. Michael makes the case for voicing opinions in an open, online environment, arguing that “it’s not just a case of putting your employee survey online – people need an open forum so everyone can see what others are saying. And in face-to-face focus groups, some voices are naturally louder than others, so aren’t heard equally.”

Read the full article here.

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