Conference Round-Up: Quadriga, CEB & Smile London 2016


In the last few weeks I’ve been busy talking about Collective Intelligence at a number of conferences.

Quadriga Internal Communications Conference, Berlin
First off was the Quadriga Internal Communications Conference in Berlin. The two-day conference focused on “Transforming Challenges into Innovation” and consisted of a number of presentations of ground-breaking best cases mixed with clever workshops. My favourite session came from HSBC’s Jenny Varley (Global Head of Content and Employee Digital Platforms) and Dee Gosney (Senior Editor at Large) who spoke about how after employees demanded an authentic voice for internal communication, HSBC introduced a groundbreaking video crowdsourcing app launched to 260,000 employees.

CEB Internal Communications Summit, London
Next up was the CEB Internal Communications Summit in London. The theme of this year’s Summit was the ‘Corporate Narrative’, and how organisations can use it to increase employee engagement and stakeholder support. As Rick DeLisi, Senior Advisor CEB, outlined in his keynote address, “A corporate narrative is a concise explanation of the relationships between a company’s identity  (Purpose, mission, values, culture, history) and direction (Strategy, Goals, Priorities, Vision).” What I took from this session was the importance of involving employees in the formation of the Corporate Narrative – it’s not just something that can be plucked out of thin air by the company’s senior leaders.

Smile London 2016
Next week I’m heading to Smile London 2016, the UK’s leading conference on Digital Workspaces and Collaborative Platforms to host a roundtable discussion on “The Rise of Social Collective Intelligence”. I’ll be talking about how social technologies provide powerful feedback mechanisms and can be used by organisations to gather valuable employee insights.

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