Podcast: Louis Rosenberg on “Swarm Intelligence”

We are excited to publish the second Podcast in our Collective Intelligence Podcast Series. This time we are joined by Louis Rosenberg, CEO and founder of Unanimous AI, a company that specialises in swarm intelligence and how it can be used to predict outcomes such as final scores of sports events and even the winners of the Oscars.

In our podcast interview, Louis tells Crowdoscope’s Miriam Harzenmoser how he got into the field of Collective Intelligence, what Swarm Intelligence is all about and, what he sees as the future of this emerging discipline.

About the Podcast
We have invited a number of experts in the field of Collective Intelligence to offer their views on this emerging discipline. The ultimate goal of this Podcast is for us and our community to learn more about Collective Intelligence and how it can be implemented in organisations, to allow better informed decision-making.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Collective Intelligence over the coming months.

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